Sunscreen Starting Yesterday

Posted by Laura Vera Skin & Acne Admin on

According to the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a study concluded that sunscreen, when compared to the preventative effects of other powerhouse ingredients, is the most biologically active ingredient in skin care. 

So what does this mean? It means that sunscreen, more so than any other skin care product sold over the counter, has the ability to prevent wrinkles and premature aging. 

If you are not already using sunscreen on a daily basis, today is the day to start if you're at all interested in outpacing the signs of aging. 

Studies have found that matching a well-rounded skin care regimen with a healthy lifestyle and diet is the best way to slow the signs of aging. Across the board, every age group needs a minimum of 3 products: appropriate cleanser, appropriate moisturizer, and SPF. But as we age we must make more of an effort. How we choose to care for our skin in our younger years will most certainly show in our later years. 

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