I'm buying your skincare!

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Hands up if you have fallen for the latest social media 'must have' product, and now you're faced with the skin care graveyard in your bathroom... countless failed attempts to get your skin sorted out. Buying skin care can feel like a game of whack-a-mole, unless you've got an advocate on your side... 'Ahem.' ;) Knowing your skin... your skin type, the current condition of your skin, its quirks and behaviors and what it actually needs and likes - It'll be more than just a 'guess' as to which products should work best for your skin.

I'll buy back what's not working with a Skincare Trade-In.

Mark your calendars and sort through your skin care graveyard... For the entire month of February, (I could be a pushover for January) :) I am buying back the products that once held high hopes, that promised the world but failed to deliver or that you bought and just didn't like the feel of. You can now start fresh.

If you're new to the Laura Vera Squad, or it's been a while since you've been in for a visit, I encourage you to schedule a skin analysis and bring your products to trade. Now is the perfect time to make sure your skin care regimen is all focused on the same goal! Because let's face it, botox and fillers may offer instant gratification with plumping and smoothing, but they do not equal healthy skin.

Full or half used... let's do this!

What products are eligible and what are they worth? 

Cleansers & Toners - $10

Serums, Moisturizers & Eye Creams - $20

Of course there are a few conditions...

1. There's only one for one and like for like.That means only one cleanser can be redeemed towards one new cleanser, and you cannot trade a moisturiser for a cleanser. 2. If you're new to Laura Vera or have not used the beloved brands I stand behind, you do need to have a consultation. Without it, we're taking a guess at your skin and that makes me no better than the social media ads. 3. All trade-ins must be surrendered at the time of your purchase. No promise to throw them away when you get home. You're ready to make a clean break and say goodbye to products that don't serve you. 4. Trade in prices are credit towards a Laura Vera product. Products will not be transferred for cash or other payment. 5. May not be combined with any other promotion. 6: Trade in ends February 29th (Ha! You have an extra day!). No extensions. 

Who's excited?!

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