Not just a trend

Posted by Laura Vera Skin & Acne Admin on

I may use my jade rollers, or amethyst, in just about every facial. I find it is not only relaxing, but offers benefit for the skin. 

The gentle massaging motion stimulates the lymphatic system and drainage throughout the face, cleansing the body of stagnant waste and debris at a cellular level. It helps in the reduction of swelling, calms inflammation, and helps reduce redness. 

Think of the lymphatic system as the inner sewage pipes of your body (Ick!) - it is responsible for picking up practically all the body's wastes. When it get's overwhelmed and backlogged, it can lead to a number of inflammatory conditions. The roller helps stimulate the lymphatic system and get your fluids moving in the right direction. Exit: toxins & waste. Enter: glowing complexion and healthy skin!

Yes, this is definitely something you can do for yourself. Mornings are best! 


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