Botox & Fillers? Or a natural alternative?

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Even though I won't be embracing a facial oil in my regimen anytime soon, I still appreciate and practice holistic skin techniques to encourage healthy aging. Take Microcurrent for example. Microcurrent is completely natural, holistic, and non-invasive.

A natural alternative to Botox and Fillers, a good Microcurrent facial has the ability to recharge the skin back to a youthful state, lift facial muscles and relax wrinkles.This UPLIFTING therapy is preventative, as well as corrective.

Microcurrent also stimulates ATP - that's our cellular energy. ATP is recognized as the "energy of life" and drives a number of biological processes like photosynthesis, muscle contractions and re-education. In other words, cellular energy is produced by ATP and leads to overall cell function! The problem is that microcurrent works only a small area at a time, leaving the rest void of that energy stimulation.

The Ion Pump Mask delivers a direct current to the entire face! And it offers some pretty amazing benefits!

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