J. Alan Zinc Fusion Clarifying Mask

J. Alan Zinc Fusion Clarifying Mask

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When your skin needs a purifying deep treatment, Zinc Fusion is a must. Fueled by a potent blend of sulfur, zinc, essential oils, and detoxifying clays, this therapeutic mask draws out impurities, refines pores, calms blemishes, and enhances overall clarity. 

Why we love it

  • Fast-relief for oily, congested & acne-prone skin
  • Zinc blend controls oil, visibly clears imperfections
  • Great for ‘spot’ treatments
  • Skin looks clearer, acts healthier immediately

Suitable for

Mild to Moderate Acne-Prone | Severe Acne-Prone | Oily | Congested

Best Practice

1-3 times a week, smooth a generous amount of masque over clean, dry skin. Allow to dry (masque should be firm and skin temperature). Rinse well with warm water.

Blemish Treatment: Apply small amount of masque directly over affected pore. Allow masque to dry. Remove with warm water. Repeat masque once a day until blemish is gone.

For Soothing Signs of Insect Bites: Apply masque to affected area only. Let dry. Rinse well.

Action Ingredients

Sulphur | bioavailable sulphur controls excess oil, reduces shine
Zinc PCA | sebum-reducing zinc is combined with a hydrating delivery vehicle for maximum activity
Zinc Oxide | highly effective mineral complex soothes, purifies, absorbs excess oil and surface cells
Eucalyptus Globulus Oil | cooling, pore-purifying essential oil
Bentonite | mineral clay absorbs excess oil and surface cells
Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) | natural astringent and pore refiner; alcohol-free