Quantum Healing

Activating your bodies own Qi energy stimulates skin into cellular homeostasis = all cells working in harmony.

We love this treatment for is ability to:

increase skin hydration

create extra volume and lift

soften lines

reduce redness and inflammation

strengthen and restore the skin barrier

support sensitive skin

With a visible change immediately after your treatment, you can see and feel it working instantly.

How does it work?

Qi Beauty stimulates and corrects cell signalling. Cell signalling is how everything in our skin knows what to do and how to do it at it’s most perfect level.

This quantum treatment creates static magnetic dimensional fields throughout the skin which in turn stimulates all the vital parts within the inside of our cells. That means that our skin is woken up and stimulated into life! The longer our cells run on low energy, the more our skin will deteriorate.

Designed for healthy aging and inflammatory skin needs, negatively polarized qi micro-magnetic spheres are applied in a specific pattern, or matrix to restore cellular homeostasis. Immediately, skin cells are more energetic in response to the magnets’ stimulation, creating increased pathways for nutrient absorption and uptake of active ingredients.

Both beautiful and effective, each Qi Beauty Treatment will enhance the previous to continue to activate and reprogram your skin.

Qi Beauty Treatment

60 min, $200

In the Qi Foundation Treatment we identify the level of skin health, underlying deeper aging and skin deficiencies. This luxurious facial stimulates skin to activate the natural healing response, and the energy skin needs to naturally promote volume in facial lines and improve skin elasticity for defined facial features. The Qi Foundation Treatment provides the first step to continuous and sustainable age control. You will benefit from the wholistic powers of acupuncture points for deep relaxation for a treatment unlike anything else, including noticeable results after just one treatment.


Qi Restore

80 min, $220

This treatment bridges the face and neck meridians, working with vital points to restore tissue density and youthful vigor.


Qi Reform

90 Mins, $250

Regeneration in 3 areas; re-densify tissue on the face, neck and décolletage, for true skin health and healthy-aging.


Frequently Asked Questions

Every contour and feature of the face is considered during every Qi beauty treatment. Qi beauty’s controlled gradients allow us to manipulate facial volume to where it needs to be for the best pro-health, pro-recovery results. Qi beauty method includes protocols for lifting, sculpting, reducing the depth and length of lines, and improving the texture and volume of skin to reduce crepeing. Qi beauty works below the surface. Once a Matrix is on, skin is instantly responsive to the Static Magnetic Field; from a cellular level, skin responds by moving all the sub-dermal compounds upwards. Skin appears healthy and energized. Qi beauty™ is completely damage-free, needle-free, pain-free, and is safe for people of all ages. 

*Standard Magnetic warning applies to people with pacemakers or pregnant women.

You will benefit from the first treatment immediately. For Menopausal skin, loss of elasticity, collagen depletion and skin barrier impairment we recommend a treatment series, between 3 - 6 Qi beauty Treatments within 6 weeks.

There is no downtime or recovery needed following a Qi beauty™ Treatment. There is no bruising or side-effects. Qi beauty™ treatments can be delivered to skin up to twice a week for special events and occasions.

After dermal fillers or injectables you should wait 2 weeks to have any other skin treatments, facials, or use any at-home devices, to allow the filler to settle. Advise your therapist of any fillers or botox prior to your treatment. Please advise your skin therapist.

  • If you are allergic to gold 
  • If you are pregnant 
  • If you have a pacemaker 
  • Do not use Glycolics or vitamin A serum for 24hours 
  • Do not use sunscreen of spf for at least 12 hours
  • Qi beauty enhances skin permeability as skin function is enhanced and skin is more receptive to the products you apply. Use quality skincare to continue nourishing skin.


You will see results after just one treatment. All Qi beauty International™ before and after photos are after one facial treatment. Depending on age, presenting skin damage, and desired outcomes, Qi beauty™ can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and needs. The Qi beauty Home Kit is a retail product that is available to everyone who would like to stimulate skin to activate healing response for skin health and recovery. The home kit is recommended to maintain results between facial treatments and sustain life-long skin health recovery.  


Once a Matrix is removed volume remains in specific facial areas. This is a store of volume and is best maintained with the Home Kit or a progressive treatment plan (3-6 treatments). The Home Kit is a dermal performance patch system. Using the same technology, the Home Kit includes the three essential face Matrix, each using 12 points for skin health recovery, and additional techniques to DIY your own Matrix. Using the home kit 2-3 times weekly, provides an energetic boost to skin. The Home Kit trains skin to perform better.

Skin function relies on energy, as we age our cellular energy decreases - simply, we’re more tired! Using the Home Kit gives skin the support it needs to energetically perform intrinsic repair functions. Overtime skin will remain energized, healthy and active.

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